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popseeker was established in March 2010 as a blog about new pop music, reviewing and spreading new songs from the world’s favourite popstars and just some really great tunes we’ve heard while out and about!

Pop is called pop for a reason – it’s popular. And why is it popular? Because it is great! It has the power to cheer you up, make you smile and encourage you to dance like no person should ever be seen dancing. There is no longer any shame in loving pop music and popseeker is proud to love pop!

popseeker is based in the United Kingdom but (obviously) the majority of music we feature is from the US – the release dates in our single and album release calendars are for the UK only unfortunately.


This is popseeker v5 which went live on Wednesday 5th December 2012.

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Song of the Moment


Get in touch! Send us your new music or your favourite pop tunes. If you have a demo or promotional CD you'd like us to listen to and maybe even feature, please tweet @popseeker or use the comment box on the contact page.


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