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August 26, 2011 by popseeker

There’s been much speculation surrounding what song Britney Spears will release as her fourth from her fantastic album ‘Femme Fatale’.

Despite the poor charting of both the album and the singles here in the UK, ‘Femme Fatale’ has exploded all over the American charts; ‘Till The World Ends’ was Britney’s most played song on US radio until it was overtaken by her subsequent single ‘I Wanna Go’ just this week.

A few weeks ago her management launched a poll for fans to vote on what the superstar’s fourth single will be. ‘Inside Out’, ‘Drop Dead (Beautiful)’ and ‘Criminal’ were the choices, and with over 80,000 votes having been cast, ‘Criminal’ is, at the moment, the clear winner.

Yet a few days later it was reported some US radio stations had been sent ‘Drop Dead (Beautiful)’, reports from Australia claimed ‘Inside Out’ was being released there and just this week an ‘insider’ has suggested that a completely different track, ‘Trouble For Me’, is actually being released.

Which track do you want Britney to release? The four options are below, have a listen and take your pick in the poll!

‘Trouble For Me’


‘Inside Out’

‘Drop Dead (Beautiful)’

5 thoughts on “Vote: Britney’s next single

  1. TFM says:

    Trouble For Me!!!! Hands down.

  2. Hamper says:


  3. […] Leave a Comment Filed Under  Britney Spears Evidently Team Britney decided to ignore our comprehensive poll on what her next single should be as despite our poll showing overwhelming support for the R&B-influence ‘Inside […]

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