Adam Lambert talks new album, life in general


August 3, 2011 by popseeker

Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, was interviewed with Us Weekly, and here are the highlights:

1. He doesn’t want to get gay married.
2. He had a lot of time to reflect on his journey.
3. He has learnt and grown and evolved.
4. He is proud of the strides he’s made.
5. His new album will be out in FALL (that means Autumn).
6. The new album is more serious, however there is ‘definitely fun, upbeat music on there too’.
7. The new album is very personal.
8. The new album lets people in further.
9. The new album portrays his dreams and aspirations.
10. The new album deals with heartache and love.
11. The new album is a search for his identity.


Read the full interview here.

2 thoughts on “Adam Lambert talks new album, life in general

  1. MISQUOTE. He said he doesn’t want to get married in the NEAR future.

  2. Also, this was in reply to a question regarding all the wonderful marriages in NY. “Did he have any plans to go get married?” He had no plans “in the near future.” He said nothing about not getting “gay married.”

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