Britney Spears: ‘Till The World Ends’ Video

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April 7, 2011 by popseeker

God knows we love Britney, and God knows we adore ‘Till The World Ends’, but sweet Jesus the promotion for the song, the album and this whole era have been absolutely ABYSMAL outside the States. Granted, her management have done an alright job in America with performances on Good Morning America, the Jimmy Kimmel Show and on MTV, but here in the UK we’ve had absolutely NOTHING. Zilch.

And what is a FANTASTIC piece of pop mastery is unfortunately going to do pretty averagely on the UK album chart as a result, and what is an epic single has pretty much already flopped thanks to a bizzare out-of-nowhere release and vacuum of promotion.

Nonetheless, here is the video for Brit’s latest stonker of a single (released a whole MONTH after the song hit iTunes). It’s a pretty cool sort of affair, apololyptic, world-ending kind of thing with some sow motion, big explosion and crafty camerawork that makes it look like Britney is the world’s best dancer, when if you actually look closely you can see actually all of her backup dancers are outperforming her considerably.

Oh Britney, we’re sorry for being so negative but it’s just not fair. You used to be so incredible, so mindblowing, you OWNED every VMA stage with your perfect choreography and effortless amazingness and now you just half-heartedly wave your arms about a bit, walk around a stage and mime your own songs. If you don’t want to be a performance artist anymore, then don’t – we, your fans will be upset, no doubt of that, but we’d rather you were happy then doing something you clearly, or at least it very much looks like you can’t be fucked with anymore.

Anyway, rant over, here’s the video, let us know what you think below:

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