Helena Paparizou: ‘Baby It’s Over’

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February 13, 2011 by popseeker

We used to have somewhat of an obsession with Helena Paparizou.  Believe it or not, Popseeker was actually born from the remnants of a Helena Paparizou fan site, but don’t tell anyone that cos it was a bit shit if we’re honest.  If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a Swedish-Greek pop singer who came to international fame following her victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 with the sensational ‘My Number One’.  Seriously, it’s amazing, even by Eurovision standards.

Anyway, after her last English-language album she began to focus more on her domestic Greek career and although we appreciated the new rockier direction, GaGa had just appeared on the scene and our attention was diverted.

Out of the blue, a new English-language song has appeared from the Greek goddess, called ‘Baby It’s Over’, and quite frankly, the fire has been relit in our obsession.  It’s utterly amazing.  Basically a “FUCK YOU” kinda dance track. the chorus is quite David Guetta-esque, but the verses retain the Greek influence behind Helena.  The midtempo introduction that suddenly falls into a banging, thumping pop-rave chorus is quite astounding, and a musical tool we’re BIG fans of here at Popseeker.

‘Baby It’s Over’ will be on Helena Paparizou’s upcoming Greatest Hits album which will be released in March all over Europe in two editions; a Greek one which features primarily Greek tracks and an International edition which will feature a mixture of Greek, Greeklish and English tracks.  She’s rumoured to embark on a European promo tour next week to promote the track.

And here she is performing the track along with a rousing cover of ‘Free Your Mind’ at a recent Fashion show in Greece:

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