Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!


January 31, 2011 by therealmez

Being a diehard Glambert fan I couldn’t resist writing something on his success so far following his 29th birthday.

He’s been in our lives for around about the two year mark now, and already he has an internationally appreciated album, a world tour, and more than 4.7 million combined single and album sales under his glam belt. Our Adam was welcomed warmly into the industry, rubbing shoulders with seasoned performers such as Madonna, Elton John and Boy George to name but a few, not forgetting the A-list support he had with debut album “For Your Entertainment”; Muse? Pink? Lady Gaga? Works for me. Word has it even Princes Harry and Wills are big fans.

Even amongst all this chaos, Adam has remained grounded. I can tell you that he’s a strong-willed type, and a firm believer in freedom of expression. He’s also unintentionally become somewhat of an advocate for gay rights, having spoken out against homophobia on more than one occasion on various platforms. Recently he responded to a tweet from a fan on Twitter:

blackeyeliner27 said: @adamlambert i was wondering, cause yeah, i am your fan, and i wanna know what you did when people bullied you…

Adam re-tweeted: hellstoned said: @adamlambert you make me sick to my stomach you faggot,gayass,bitch.

Adam said: @blackeyeliner27 Like this? Well… I just gotta ignore it, right? #forcefieldup

A spate of reports of this by enraged fans and other users offended by the remark led to the user being removed from Twitter.

Moving on… did I mention Adam is a supporter of charity organisation Donors Choose? He’s even been seen to ask fans to donate to his charity collections in lieu of sending him gifts, which they do in their hundreds. For his 29th birthday he joined forces with mycharitywater.org which funds clean water projects in the Third world. To date, Adam and his Glamberts, as they are known, have raised over $750,000 for charity. That’s no mean feat!

Where was I… oh yes! Adam’s rise to success hit a sticky point during his first independent televised performance post-Idol, when he performed debut single “For Your Entertainment” and honoured the lyrics of the song just that little bit too enthusiastically. Most of us didn’t mind… I mean, *really* didn’t mind, but sadly a few too many of those with the “it’s your responsibility as much as it is mine to raise and protect my children” mentality were watching and got a little over-excited themselves. Adam stood his ground and took the opportunity to highlight the double standard that exists in the industry, e.g. remember how people gasped when this happened? Me neither. Unfortunately a number of scheduled TV appearances were promptly withdrawn for fear that Adam might repeat such a performance pre-watershed. Still, onwards and upwards. If you haven’t seen it and you want to, here’s the clip in all it’s sparkly HD goodness.

Since then Adam has appeared in the media all over the world, with Australia, Canada and New Zealand taking a particular shine to him. Now, with international tour number one complete, and a few weeks of well-deserved rest and celebration out of the way, the soon to be dubbed hardest-working-man-in-music is already taking notes of  ideas he’d like to incorporate in album two, which we’ve been told we could expect as soon as Q3 2011. We’ve been instructed to get ready for something “very pop, very rock, and maybe even a little dark”. Don’t worry Adam, we’re already on the edge of our seats!

Now seems a good time to drop this just here:

And for something darker and moodier try this. It’s haunting, beautiful, and I guess you could say reminiscent of all the emo bands that were big earlier this century. I wonder if this is anything like the darker vibe Adam has hinted at? I for one am very excited to see:

FYE was a fine debut, taking us on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, and if played in the right order the record can take you from lusting for someone, to falling in love, to the struggle for acceptance, to the painful breakup, to picking yourself up, dusting off and partying with the people who unconditionally love the person inside. This cycle was the theme of the live Glam Nation shows, as The Glittery One enveloped you in emotion from beginning to end and incorporated a dose of tender story-telling along the way.

Here’s a clip of the opening ten minutes of the show he played in Manchester on November 27th. Skip to 00:50, and be sure to see it to the end:

So what would we like to see in the next album? Something like FYE with a theme running down the centre? Maybe a louder record that fits right in to the rock genre? Or perhaps a platform that allows him to better showcase his vocal ability and range? Regardless, the offering will undoubtedly be really quite spectacular. The words have barely left his lips and already the fandom is champing at the bit… which leads me to wonder, what else could we see from Adam in 2011? We’ve seen him win awards, come top on countless polls and receive numerous accolades: sexiest male, most popular Rolling Stone cover, one of the most Googled celebrities, one of the most followed Tweeters, trending on multiple occasions, reincarnation of Elvis, first openly gay mainstream artist in the US, winner of a Teen Choice Award, a MuchMusic award, winner of two Celebrity Magazine Awards in Germany, real winner of American Idol series 8, and fingers crossed winner of the 2011 Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of the 13th February.

It’s sure to be an exciting and fruitful year for a guy who, no matter how long I think about it, really can do no wrong… unless he killed a kitten, but I somehow doubt that’s his agenda. All the best for 2011, Adam!

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!

  1. Pretty cool to see another UK resource celebrate Adams Birthday & his music

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ♡LARAS GALMBERT♡, Ivet and Gemma, the lambrits, U.K. Glambert, U.K. Glambert and others. U.K. Glambert said: Happy Birthday Adam Lambert! « PopSeeker http://t.co/ltQ1dhW […]

  3. magsmagenta says:

    Fantastic article, More please 🙂

  4. Tracy says:

    Happy 29th birthday, Adam!

  5. Shred says:

    I love Adam, not only is he mega talented but he inspires positivety and love in people! Just don’t like hos he caters to halping Tommy get what Tommy wants now instead of giving us what we want. Adam, all Adam, surprising us with his vision, not catering to what a few cray fans want! Bring it back to you Adam, that’s why we are here!!

  6. morningstar says:

    Killed a kitten….BWAAAHAHHAHAHHAHAA

  7. milky says:

    i live in UK and I am another one of Adam fans madly in love with him!!!

  8. LambertUK says:

    Great article – thanks for posting it. Hope to see many more articles on Adam in the future.

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