JLo feat. Pitbull: ‘On the Floor’

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January 23, 2011 by popseeker

Do you know what many people do at the mention of Pitbull? They scoff. Such a reaction never fails to shock me right to my core because the Columbian man-whore has been on many of the best songs from the past year.

His latest collaboration should well and truly put the nail in the coffin of the anti-Pitbull campaign. ‘On The Floor’ is the first official single from Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album ‘Love?’, and it is completely incredible. There are two things you should know before you give it a listen which should make you think ‘wow, this song is going to be INCREDIBLE’:

1. It is produced by RedOne. Guartunteed top-10 hit right there.
2. It samples Lambada. Enough said.

Just imagine the choreography for the promo performances she’ll be doing. Incredible:

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