DEFINITELY the final FINAL version of Nicole’s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’


January 14, 2011 by popseeker

Turns out the version we posted yesterday of Nicole Scherzinger’s next single ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ was in fact merely a demo. And it’s not produced by RedOne. Basically what we’re saying is that we’re a fucking shit excuse of a popular music reference site, and for this we can only apologise sincerely.

The final edit, and we’re SURE this is the final edit, is even better than the last final edit and it recognition of this it has been awarded “HOT NEW MUSIC ALERT” category status. It is, we believe, produced by Dave Audé and has a smashing bassy intro and an even slicker production. Incredible. It’s like comparing Britney’s new single to ‘If U Seek Amy’ – not at all a bad track but pales into insignificance compared to the new one.


One thought on “DEFINITELY the final FINAL version of Nicole’s ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’

  1. […] the important information in this post is wrong, turns out this is a demo and not the final edit. Please click here for the updated post and the final edit of the song, which is amazing. Trust […]

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