Be prepared to hear the best thing you’ve ever heard


January 10, 2011 by popseeker


iTunes New Zealand went ahead and released the song a day early for some unknown reason. ‘ Britney’ claimed on twitter that it was her decision, but we’re not convinved:

Anyway, we are exceedingly thankful for a number of reasons, and we shall tell you for why.
1. It’s utterly and totally incredible
2. It’s maybe one of the best things Britney has ever released
3. It signals an exciting change for the upcoming Britney album.

The first thing you should know about the final edit of ‘Hold It Against Me’ is that it is better than the leaked demo by a factor of 100. The legendary Dr. Luke and Max Martin production is flawless, slick and addictive. Granted, the lyrics aren’t anything groundbreaking but it is so much more than the Ke$ha-tribute act many feared it would be.

It’s a genre leader. It’s totally unique. It’s a smooth yet exciting blend of house-dance, pop, dubstep and R&B. There’s a ridiculous dubstep breakdown halfway through that launches into the incredible chorus – but the best bit, wait for it – the sudden, abrupt ending that leaves you genuinely wondering what the fuck just happened and craving for more. I’m genuinely considering staying up all night long just so I can listen to this absolute masterpiece over and over again. “Obsessed” doesn’t even do the emotion I’m feeling right now justice. I’m literally addicted to this song.

Oh and listen out for the bit in the second verse when Britter’s sings “hazy”. I don’t know how she does it, but Britney makes the word “hazy” sound incredibly sexy.

10/10 Britney, absolutely incredible. And we thought you’d never manage to beat ‘Womanizer’. But you have.

Sweet Jesus, this album is going to be mindblowing.

The song is out to download in the US, Australia, New Zealand and some other places right now, but won’t be out in the UK until February 20th.  Apparently there’s a “very good reason” for this… hmmmm…

4 thoughts on “Be prepared to hear the best thing you’ve ever heard

  1. […] untitled, has been confirmed by Sony BMG for release on March 15th, 2011. The lead single ‘Hold It Against Me‘ is now avaliable to buy on most iTunes stores worldwide (except the UK, which has to wait […]

  2. […] UPDATE 11/1/2011: The full HQ Britney version has now premiered! Read more here… […]

  3. WMNZR says:

    ” Apparently there’s a “very good reason” for this… hmmmm… ” what do you mean?! Is Britney gonna to hit UK?!

    • The release date for the UK has now been moved to 17th January 2011 (the same day as the Britney Glee episode airs in the UK on E4) – so next’s week’s chart will probably be saturated with Britney songs with HIAM at #1 hopefully!

      Nevertheless, the rumours we are hearing suggest Britney is set to visit the UK in February to promote the single and the album!

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