Pendulum: Crush


January 8, 2011 by therealmez

The fourth single from Pendulum’s “Immersion” is almost here! “Crush” is unmistakeably a Pendulum track, fitting perfectly into the drum & bass/electro crossover sound that the trio have mastered so well.

The single is more of a narrative than most of their work, and it has been tipped by some sources as the album favourite; whether this is due to the profound, heart-felt lyrics, who knows.

Despite the alienation of d’n’b diehards, the band seem to have found a niche in UK music trends considering the surprise success of their past singles in an R&B-dominated market. They’ve found their place here and nestled snugly, but can they repeat these successes? And if so, does this show that the UK has taken Pendulum firmly to their bosom, or simply that the well overdue paradigm shift in music is finally occurring?

“Crush” is released on January 17th. “Immersion” is available for purchase right now.

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