A couple of very nice and welcome Britney updates

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January 6, 2011 by popseeker

FIRSTLY – after reports that Britney’s new single ‘Hold It Against Me’ would premiere Janurary 3rd, which were later denied, it has now been (basically) announced that there will be a rather exciting Facebook promotional campaign, starting January 10th – fans will be offered a message promoting the new single which they can then share to their friends, one the message has been shared 2 million times, the single will be automatically unlocked not just for radios, but for immediate download on iTunes too! A really fantastic and innovative way of promoting the song which is sure to really build up the hype – for one her management are to be congratulated.

UPDATE 6/01/2011 20:00: Confirmation from Jive Records:

We are about to launch the new Britney Spears single!! We are customizing a web widget for radio stations to “unlock” her single when 2 million fans share to their Facebook pages starting Monday, January 10th. Below is a description of how it will work. The station widget will be made custom for each station with their logo, tag, etc. and when fans/listeners share on their Facebook page it will say “STATION and I are helping Britney Spears …” which will also include a link back to your station site.

Here’s the flow of how it’ll work:
* The station will place the widget we send them on their homepage (in the event the widget isn’t compatible with the partner site, we will provide a hosted landing page branded with the station’s logo and a link back to their site that where the widget can live)
* The widget will use single artwork only and have the following copy, the Buy Link can go to any retailer:

Once Britney fans share this message 2 million times on Facebook she will release her new song
Can’t wait?
Pre-order now!

* The station drives fans to the widget to share the message into Facebook, for example:
o Radio drive from on air
o Sites create banners, send emails, social network posts, etc
* Once user hits Share button on widget, the usual Facebook pop-up/allow screen with the Share message will appear. The Share message that will appear in the user’s Facebook Newsfeed is (example)
“Z100 and I are helping Britney Spears share this message 2 million times to get her new song released early! Click now to help!” ::shortened URL:: (linking back to radio website where widget lives)
* The widget will display how many shares there have been til we hit 2 million

SECONDLY – A couple of clips have leaked of Britney’s recording sessions for her sensational ‘Blackout’ album – the first is the original demo Britney recorded for the fantastic song ‘Break The Ice’ (notice the chewing of the gum at the start and the additional lyrics which were later removed), and the second clip is Keri Hilson’s original demo for the song which was pitched to Britney’s management for inclusion on her album.


Britney demo

Keri Hilson demo

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