Bad move Craig David, bad move

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December 28, 2010 by popseeker

Produced by Jim Beanz ( who previously worked with Craig on his track “Insomnia”) , ‘Dirty Mouth’ is the new single from Craig David. A poor attempt at Gaga style electropop, ‘Dirty Mouth’ seems to be a last ditch attempt to save the poor man’s career – a career that shouldn’t be treated with a degree of respect too.

Craig David was best when he was unique, he did what he did and people liked it. Trying to pitch him as a new Taio Cruz with a song not too different (but far worse) than ‘Dynamite’ or ‘Break Your Heart’ will not do particularly well and wont get him much respect in the music industry.

It’s not awful, per se. But the man is very talented, doubtless, and this type of of soulless sex romp does not serve that talent well.

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