McFly feat. Taio Cruz: ‘Shine A Light’

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October 9, 2010 by popseeker

If it wasn’t for the fact they’re four of the most attractive boys in British pop music, I just don’t know how relevant McFly would be anymore, especially after the premiere of their latest single, which more or less blows apart everything McFly ever were and have been.

And I quote from the comments on their official YouTube channel:

“they’r becoming what they refused to be. I was proud of Mcfly because they were awesome in concert, their sound was really damm good. they are not even playing guittar! I’m frustrated but thats okay. I won’t buy this album and I’ll stay with their old songs 😉 ”
– carimoutimi

“FACEPALM What happened with McFly? They became comercial shit.”
– SuchBetterDays

“its sad they change so dramatically just to fit in with the current uk chart music :(”
– 123Belsie

“Shine a Light” will be featured on McFly’s studio album “Above the Noise” which is set to arrive in the United Kingdom on November 15. Fans who subscribe to their new website for between £40-50 for the year will receive a copy of the album for “free”. The single is released November 8th.

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