Britney album confirmed for early 2011

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September 14, 2010 by popseeker, the highly reputable Australian fan site with strong connections to Song BMG has just confirmed that the upcoming 7th studio album from Britney Spears will not be out until early 2011, refuting rumours that it was due for a pre-Christmas release.

They said:

Britney will release a brand new album early 2011. The news comes direct from Sony Music HQ, and is hot on the heels of an appearance on the upcoming series return of Glee.

There is no word on whether or not there will be a Britney Glee CD – but our guess is something is in the works over the coming weeks, as well as a repackage of ‘Blackout‘ with ‘Circus‘ also coming soon and the latest release from Britney’s range of perfumes ‘Radiance’.

Britney has been hard at work recording for the upcoming album, and we can also confirm that Dr Luke and Max Martin are indeed co-producers for the release due early 2011.

We don’t have word on whether or not this means no new single this year – however will keep our ear to the ground and bring you the latest info as we get it. Britney apparently wants this next album to be perfect, and this could explain the delay in its release which was originally planned for later this year.

UPDATE 11/01/11: Britney’s seventh studio album, although as of yet untitled, has been confirmed by Sony BMG for release on March 15th, 2011. The lead single ‘Hold It Against Me‘ is now avaliable to buy on most iTunes stores worldwide (except the UK, which has to wait until February 20th).

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