Nicki Minaj & have made a really shit song together


September 3, 2010 by popseeker

Nicki Minaj ft. 'Check It Out' single cover

It’s called ‘Check It Out’ and it’s beyond awful.

Did not just get to a point in the production where he thought, ‘hey, d’you know what.  I’ve probably used enough autotune and unnecessarily irritating electronic effects for the moment’?  Evidently not is the answer to that one.

It’s out tomorrow on iTunes (not sure if that’s just the US) and will be on Nicki’s upcoming album ‘Pink Friday’.  This is it below, but we advise you just go and listen to the fantastic ‘Humanoid’ by Talay Riley instead cos it’s ten times better.

One thought on “Nicki Minaj & have made a really shit song together

  1. […] sweetheart Cheryl Cole to a new mix of his track with Nicki Minaj, ‘Check It Out’ (a single we previously described as “shit”, a decision we still stand by). Why? We don’t know. Maybe to increase her US profile before […]

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