It’s Talay Riley’s FANTASTIC new song ‘Humanoid’ (and video)


September 1, 2010 by popseeker

A while ago we wrote a bit about 19 year old Talay Riley, an artist we’re really excited about.

His new single, ‘Humanoid’, a song we’re LOVING right now, will be released on the futuristic sounding 10/10/10.

‘Humanoid’ is just the first taste of an artist who musically wants to break boundaries and your preconceptions. And as the video proves also enjoys going to the gym and then taking his top off.

…is what Talay’s promoter says, and we’d have to agree with them 100% right there.

The song is a dark and edgy urban pop track that merges robotic beats, a slick synthy production and an electrifyingly addictive chorus and results in a fantastically exciting new track. It has been said to have a “surprisingly big American sound for such a young UK artist” and again, we completely agree.

His debut album will be released in 2011 and he is currently working in the studio in the UK and LA with a host of producers including Inflo 1st (The Saturdays, One Republic), Harmony aka H-Money (a member of Darkchild Productions in LA responsible for Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ amongst others) and, one of PopSeeker’s favourite music producers of all time Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins.

One thought on “It’s Talay Riley’s FANTASTIC new song ‘Humanoid’ (and video)

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