Shakira debuts Dizzee Rascal collaboration: ‘Loca’


September 1, 2010 by popseeker

Shakira: 'Sale El Sol' album cover

If I could have picked someone less likely to collaborate with Shakira, Dizzee Rascal would have been pretty high up on that list. However, it has happened and this is it.

The English version was rumoured to be called ‘Hells Angel’ but instead they’ve stuck with the spanish title; ‘Loca’, and it’s pretty darn good. Not much different from her ‘She Wolf’ material, ‘Loca’ is a very Latin inspired track that will serve as the lead single from her upcoming album, a part-Spanish / part-English EP entitled ‘Sale El Sol‘. Speaking to Billboard about the project, Shakira said:

“I see [Sale El Sol] as having two currents. One is a lot about love and love experiences and emotions. And the other side of it is very joyful, and upbeat…It’s a little more Latin on one side and a little more rock ‘n’ roll on the other side.”

The music video was recently recorded in Barcelona and is viewable below; tell us what you think:

One thought on “Shakira debuts Dizzee Rascal collaboration: ‘Loca’

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