Katy Perry: ‘Teenage Dream’ (The album)

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August 23, 2010 by popseeker

The issue of Katy Perry vs. Ke$ha is like a 21st Century equivalent of the chicken and the egg; who truly came first?

Most people would agree Katy Perry unique branch of quirky almost ditsyness preceded Ke$ha’s downright crazy, party animal persona, yet it is ‘California Gurls’ that sounds strikingly similar to ‘Tik Tok’. And it is Katy’s latest album offering ‘Teenage Dream’ that almost mirrors the poptastic sound of Ke$ha’s ‘Animal’.

Don’t for one second let us make you think that is in any way a bad thing. ‘Teenage Dream’ is a fantastic sophomore album for the artist that shocked her Christian roots when she exploded onto the scene two years ago with the infectiously brilliant ‘I Kissed A Girl’. The difference for us between it and ‘Animal’ is that it’s not as instantly loveable.

There are of course some tracks that stand out first listen as gleaming examples of perfect pop; ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘California Gurls’, ‘Peacock’ and ‘Circle The Drain’ (all of which we have already written plenty) are perfection, but a lot of the other songs may take a few listens before you fall in love.

But that’s sometimes the way for great songs; I didn’t fall in love with ‘Waking Up in Vegas’ and ‘If You Can Afford Me’ from Perry’s first album til a few months down the line, and yet now they proudly inhabit spaces in my Top 25 Most Played playlist.

The album hits stores in the UK August 30th, with her second single from the album, the title track ‘Teenage Dream’ being made available for download the day before.

Get it, I seriously recommend it – and give it a chance if you don’t fall in love right away.

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