Marina & the Diamonds: ‘Shampain’

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August 17, 2010 by popseeker

Marina & The Diamonds: 'Shampain' single cover

Marina is one of those artists whom you either outwardly adore or you publically claim to hate but will secretly listen to late at night on Spotify when no one’s around.

I really want to dislike her, which is a bit of a sad thing to admit but the truth nonetheless.  Taking the meaning of ‘quirky’ to a whole new level, it’s hard to categorise Marina, which I suppose could be part of her attraction.  A cross between the irritation of Mika and the avant-gardeness of Kate Bush, she’s achieved moderate success in the UK – her breakout single ‘Hollywood’ peaked at #12, latest single ‘Oh No!’ debuted yesterday at #38 in the UK Singles Chart.

She’s just announced the fifth single to be released off her Top-5 charting album ‘The Family Jewels’ will be the rather catchy ‘Shampain’.  Described by the singer as being about “the depressing side of getting drunk, the obliteration side of having a good time”, it was co-written with Pascal Gabriel, who recently worked with Kylie on her #1 album ‘Aphrodite’.  Be weary of dismissing ‘Shampain’ as soul-less teen/bubblegum pop, it’s a pretty decent little bit of indie pop, even if it is rather irritatingly titled.  The video, set to be filmed soon, will be directed by Kim Gehri, who has recently directed videos for Goldfrapp and Mark Ronson.

Set for an October 4th release, you can download it from the album right now.  The download package will feature remixes by Fred Falke, Pictureplane and Sound of Arrows.


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