New Britney single feat. Pharrell ‘by end of August’

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August 12, 2010 by popseeker

The Britney rumour mill is ON FULL STEAM.

After previous rumours of a song involving the word “secret” and of a collaboration with Neptunes producers Pharrell and Chad Hugo, look what’s only bloody gone and appeared on the official BMI repertoire of confirmed songs:

Fan site, which has close ties with Song BMG has reset its big ‘secret’ revelation countdown clock to 11pm tonight (GMT) and has stated it will make an official announcement in the next hour!

Are Britney fans about to get what we’ve been waiting for?!

UPDATED (12/08/2010 14:55): It has just been confirmed that ‘My Big Secret’ is in fact a song that was recorded back in 2001 (presumably when Britney made ‘Boys’ with Pharrell), and is therefore unlikely to have anything to do with the new single.

HOWEVER, the new single IS produced by Pharrell and will hit airwaves by the end of August, but it has nothing to do with “secrets”. A new album is scheduled (emphasis on SCHEDULED, not confirmed) for the end of the year, which production is still being done on and is as yet, untitled.

There you go guys!


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