The Saturdays third(ish) album: ‘Headlines’

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August 9, 2010 by popseeker

The Saturdays are doing a Pussycat Dolls with their next EP ‘Headlines’, and releasing some of their singles from their last album ‘Wordshaker’ alongside a couple of new ones. We’ve had a listen to the new ‘album’ and this is what we think.

The tracklisting is:
1. Missing You
2. Ego
3. Forever Is Over
4. Higher
5. Karma
6. Died In Your Eyes
7. One Shot
8. Puppet On A String

The good news is this: it’s pretty good. It was a shame that their last album didn’t do that well, because it was pretty darn good. ‘Headlines’, however, is even better. And if today’s iTunes chart is anything to go by, the girls look set to battle with Flo Rida for this week’s number one spot with ‘Missing You’, nothing like the flop that many were predicting. ‘Ego’ is obviously a fantastic electropop song and ‘Forever Is Over’ proved the girls can do more than just electro-dance music. A remix of the ‘Wordshaker’ album track ‘One Shot’ adds a nice little bit of the G.A.Y magic to ‘Headlines’ and is certainly a welcome treat.

Of the new tracks ‘Higher’ is by far my favourite; it follows pretty much the same kind of musical structure and sound as ‘Ego’ did and has a brilliantly catchy chorus. ‘Died In Your Eyes’ is your average ballad with a chorus beat Ryan Tedder would be proud of, whilst ‘Karma’ starts off like a La Roux track and evolves into an almost bubblegum teen pop anthem. It’s good. ‘Puppet’ is another upbeat, flirtatious, sexy song about attraction between a guy and a girl (or five girls in this case) and is definitely a highlight.

The EP ‘Headlines’ is out next Monday, 16th August. I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO GET IT. Below is the album track ‘Higher’, have a listen and tell us what you think:


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