Introducing… Christian Berishaj (aka Christian TV)


August 6, 2010 by popseeker

Something's gone a bit wrong there Christian

First things first, Christian TV has absolutely no relation to the evangelical nutters who grace our screen on the God Channel daily. In fact, the reality of Christian Berishaj is far from any possible saintly comparisons; a filthily fantastic promo clip for his sensational new single ‘When She Turns 18’ featured some very naughty goings on indeed, things I’m sure the preachers on the God Channel would have lots to say about.

You may recognise Christian from the ‘powerpop’ band ‘Love Arcade’, which was formed after he wrote and recorded an entire album, aged just 19. Reverb Nation described him as a “singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, mixer, videographer and graphic designer”; the guy knows how to make good music, put it that way.

For months and months at PopSeeker, we’ve been harping on about ‘that GaGa sound’, the electropop sound thats taken hold of the pop scene worldwide since Lady GaGa exploded onto it two years ago. For months and months new acts and old acts alike have been producing great pop records, but records which are essentially clones of anything and everything GaGa produces, and it’s getting a bit boring now. Electropop is GREAT, but it needs a new direction. And I believe that new direction to be in the form of Christian TV.

Since moving on from ‘Love Arcade’ in 2008, Christian has since linked up with a variety of musicians including renowned artists such as the incredible Italian house DJ Benny Benassi.

With the Michigan pop singer’s forthcoming album ‘Diary Of An 80’s Baby’ set to hit music stores worldwide soon, things are looking up for Christian TV. As mentioned earlier, the first single from the album is the incredible ‘When She Turns 18’; a dirty, flipping off the in-laws track about a boy taunting the parents of his love interest over whom she’ll pick ‘when she turns 18’. Yes it’s electropop, but it’s so much more than that. With a slightly rock edge to it and sick beat, mixed with the confrontational, f*ck-you-esque lyrics this is a song that you’ll just want to strip and rock out to all day long.  The video is pretty epic too.

And we’re not the only ones getting a bit moist in the crotch area about it.  The track is getting great airplay in the States AND the world’s BIGGEST and BEST POP QUEEN, Her Majesty Britney Spears tweeted just a few weeks ago:

Hows that for endorsement?

Fresh off tour with the Backstreet Boys, Christian recently performed the track on hit US show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, check out the epic performance below:

With a badass attitude Ke$ha would be envious of and extensive musical talent both on stage and behind the scenes, Christian TV not only should but deserves to do well.  Take our word for it, he’s an artist you should be keeping your eye on in the coming months, and even if you don’t warm to the track instantly, give it a chance; it’s a brilliant summer dance song and could really change the sound of pop music in the near future.

The track ‘When She Turns 18’ is available to download right now in the US, and I’m told there are also plans to release it worldwide, including here in the UK very soon.  HOWEVER if you sign up to his mailing list here at his official website you can download the track for free.  How’s that for a bargain.  I see no reason not to go and do just that right away.

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  1. the video is not working

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