Freemasons ft. Wynter Gordon: ‘Believer’

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August 2, 2010 by popseeker

Here are some facts for you:

1. Fish live in the sea
2. Grass is green
3. Sarah Palin is an ignorant bitch
4. Pretty much anything Freemasons release or produce or remix is fantastic.

Bearing these facts in mind, well, just the last one actually, I present to you the brand new Freemasons track called ‘Believer’. It features vocals from American vocalist Wynter Gordon who you might recognise from Flo Rida’s god-awful track ‘Sugar’ but don’t let that put you off because she’s a great singer and the end result is fantastic.

It’s a bit more laid back and mellow than previous stuff the Freemasons guys have done, but it’s great nonetheless. No news on a release date yet.

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