It’s the new one from McFly and it’s two years too late

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August 1, 2010 by popseeker

I like McFly, I think they’re a cracking band, really nice guys and it’s nice that they all play their own instruments and stuff. Which makes it a shame that they’ve gone down the synthesizer/autotune route with their comeback single ‘Party Girl’.

McFly do cheesy/niche/old school pop songs well, their voices suit it well and everyone loves it. The thing is, when they try and do chart pop it just sounds a bit, well, silly. All the signs point towards it being a hit, it was written and produced by the band and US pop legend Dallas Austin (Madonna, Pink, Michael Jackson), but the final result just sounds exactly the same as everything else that’s been charting for the past three years and although it’s revolutionary for the band, is quite the opposite in the general scheme of things.

Sorry boys.

‘Party Girl’ is out September 6th and is the lead single from their new album ‘Super City’

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