Song of the Moment: Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’


July 24, 2010 by popseeker

Following on from Esmee Denter’s ‘Love Dealer’ as our Song of the Moment is the utterly flawless ‘Whataya Want From Me’ by US glam-rock American Idol SENSATION Adam Lambert.

You can find our previous post about the song here, but as the song is so brilliant, and because we at PopSeeker are joining the UK campaign to get this fantastic song in the British singles chart, we thought it deserved a full on plug.

If you want to hear the studio version, you can go and listen to it on the other page, but even better is this absolutely incredible live performance of the song at a recent gig by Adam in San Francisco. If you were ever in any doubt that:
a. Adam is an incredible live performer, or
b. the song is anything other than amazing…

…then listen below and be proven wrong!

But what can you do to get it in the charts?

Well you can download it RIGHT NOW (click here to view on iTunes, or from Amazon or from HMV), you can tell others to buy the single, and you can get in touch with Radio 1 DJs on twitter to tell them to play it!

You have no idea how mental all the Adam Lambert fans out there and on twitter go whenever we mention him, so a big shout out to you guys, and to anyone not familiar with him, just go and buy the album and have a listen 😉

15 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’

  1. The studio version is of course wonderful but Adam loves to sing this live because there’s a line in the song that brings him and his fans together – you can hear the screams when he sings it to them ….”but thanks for loving me cos you’re doing it perfectly”. Adam is the best thing to happen to the music scene in a long long time – not only does he please you visually and sonically – he’s good for your soul

    Thank you so much for doing this for all the UK fans.

  2. Miss Lee says:

    I have a friend that is one of those “crazy Adam fans” and insisted I see him in concert. I was amazed and now I have turned into one of those “crazy Adam fans”, too!

    As wonderful as this video is — it just doesn’t come close to how Adam sounds live. He’s coming to the UK in November and if you have the chance to see him, do whatever it takes to make it happen. I have literally been to thousands of concerts [part of my job for a while and I love music] and I have never, never, never seen or heard anyone like Adam.

    And for another quite different live performance of WWFM — from April 2010 live performance on American Idol —

  3. Miss Lee says:

    This is a better video of that WWFM performance — can’t edit my first post — that one cuts off early!

  4. LambertUK says:

    Thank you so much for joining the campaign to give Adam Lambert more exposure in the UK and in particular to get his new single, Whataya Want From Me played on national radio. This song is too good not to be heard UK-wide – it deserves airplay. Adam is a phenomenal singer and is electrifying to see live. His performances in London a few month back were packed and no one left the gigs disappointed. The word has to be spread about this amazing talent!

    Fans across the UK thank you for your support. 🙂

  5. Janet says:

    Well, here is my favorite Adam Lambert performance of Whataya Want from Me. Adam is a true artist and always performs his songs a little differently-he has the pipes to do it!

  6. […] Popseeker -Song of the Moment: Adam Lambert’s ‘Whataya Want From Me’ “You can find our previous post about the song here, but as the song is so brilliant, and because we at PopSeeker are joining the UK campaign to get this fantastic song in the British singles chart, we thought it deserved a full on plug.” […]

  7. Lady Grey says:

    Adam gets a lot of airplay here in New Zealand and I hope that follows in the UK. If you do get a chance to see him live, take it as the reports from his concerts all say the same thing – you don’t know how good his voice is until you hear him live. We are waiting to see if he’ll be coming down to us soon…hope so!

  8. Leigh says:

    Thanks you so very much for your efforts on behalf of Adam Lambert. He is the finest male singer of his generation – and beautiful and charismatic as well. He deserves worldwide success.

  9. Rob says:

    I think Adam Lambert’s song is amazing, I would totaly say one of the best songs of this year. The guy is an incredible singer and live performer. I have never been to a show like his in years. I am still not buying it why UK is not playing him, his 1st single is one of my fav songs. Very cathchy and sexy. I hope he gets the airplay he deserves because we need to see him live. Come on UK fans, bust your radio stations with requests and buy the single.

  10. Lisa W says:

    thanks for posting this and trying to get Adam some notice he deserves it. this is a great version. I love that the other fans are all like oh but THIS version is great too, well you know what…the thing about this guy is they are ALL great, he can take any song and sing it, sing it great, then change it comletely up and sing THAT great too………..he’s fantastic. On American Idol he was the only contestant to ever get a standing ovation from Simon Cowell in the history of the show AND he is the only contestant that got permission to sing a LedZep song, cuz they knew he wouldn’t butcher it, (ditto on a U2 song). He did a great job with whole lotta love on the show and now sings an amazing slowed down sweaty hot version, OMG his is so fantastic. WWFM has reached the top 10 in about 21 countries so far from places like Russia and Argentina as well as europe and NZ Japan etc. get with the program UK!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ruth says:

    Thank you guys for this terrific support for Adam! As a long-standing UK fan it’s very frustrating that this hugely gifted artist is being ignored by national radio in favour of some unbelievably mediocre/poor acts (the current number one of Yolanda Be Cool being a perfect example of the latter!) Especially as we all thought that he would have no trouble being accepted more easily in the UK than the US. Really hope that WWFM will be a “grower” on the charts, but in the meantime I’d encourage all Adam fans to join the campaign to get him more airplay. Thanks guys!

  12. dylangirl says:

    I live in the U.S.and have had the pleasure of seeing Adam Lambert live in concert. As others have noted, he is one of the most talented individuals I have ever seen live. Thank you for the support you have shown…..the UK is missing out on this fabulous talent, of which the rest of the world seems to be recognizing.

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