Professor Green ft. Lily Allen: ‘Just Be Good To Green’

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July 3, 2010 by popseeker

I’ll be honest. When I first heard Professor Green’s first single ‘I Need You Tonight’, I wasn’t entirely sure the title ‘Professor’ was something he earnt in the conventional sense. His voice resembled that novelty kind of rapping the Daz Sampson had when he performed that awful school song for the UK at Eurovision a few years back.

That said, his second single, a collaboration with ‘retired’ popstar Lily Allen is fantastic. Sampling the 1983 R&B song “Just Be Good to Me” by The SOS Band, Green’s dirty, ‘bad boi’ lyrics are contrasted to Lily’s melodic vocals and the end result is a really great Hip-Hop/Pop song that I predict will do pretty well chart-wise.

Apparently, the collaboration came about after a chat on Facebook, according to an interview with Green in 2009:

“We got chatting on Facebook and I mentioned the track, which turned out to be one of her favourite songs. She suggested her singing the chorus. I didn’t take much persuading! Lily’s wicked. She’s straightforward and honest, you always know where you’re at with her.”

And people say social networking sites aren’t contributing anything to society.

You can download the track from 11th July.

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