Maroon 5 are back with ‘Misery’

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June 23, 2010 by popseeker

Maroon 5 are set to make a return to record store this September with third album album ‘Hands All Over’ and the first single ‘Misery’ has appeared online.

After this Rolling Stone magazine article, which claimed their next album would be the poppiest and happiest yet, it appears they’ve stuck true to their words. Don’t worry, they haven’t gone all Lady GaGa electropop on us, the classic Maroon 5 sound is still there, and it’s a great sound at that, a great summer pop song.

The album was created in collaboration with producer Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange, who mastered classics such as AC/DC’s Black in Black and his ex-wife Shania Twain’s album ‘Come On Over’ (which remains, my favourite country album of all time and of of my favourite albums ever).

It was released for download in the US yesterday – no official word when it will be released here in the UK but quite soon I expect.

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