That new JLS one (featuring The Sound of Music)

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June 21, 2010 by popseeker

You must have heard JLS’ new track by now; ‘The Club Is Alive’.

Do you remember when Gwen Stefani first sampled that song from ‘The Sound of Music’ on her track ‘Wind It Up’ and we all laughed at her and then suddenly fell in love with it and requested it obsessively at every party/wedding/club we went to. Well JLS’ sampling of the title track from ‘The Sound of Music’ has the same kind of effect. Rogers and Hammerstein would probably be turning in their graves if they heard what JLS have done with the song Julie Andrews made famous by running around a hill in Austria to, but the truth is, it’s a really catchy pop song that you’ll be humming along to all day.

I mean yeah, it’s a bit cringe, but what self respecting guy hasn’t thought at least once that they quite envy those JLS lads? They make cringe pop COOL and they do it bloody well.

The single is out to download in the UK July 5th, and here’s the video right now:

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