Kylie: ‘All The Lovers’ (AMAZING)


June 15, 2010 by popseeker

Kylie’s comeback single, the first one proper since her last album ‘X’ released in 2007, is released digitally this week and is already performing very strongly on the iTunes download chart.

I admit I use the words “amazing” “brilliant” and “incredible” rather laxly on this site, but no other song is quite as deserving as all these three words as ‘All The Lovers’. It’s just classic Kylie at her very best, a beautiful song with a really great catchy tune that just makes you want to dance around your room all day.

And the video’s quite something too. As Digital Spy put it:

There aren’t many popstars who could make a video featuring doves, balloons, a galloping horse, a giant inflatable elephant and a mass grope-fest in the middle of LA…. and get away with it. Then again, there aren’t many popstars who engender the collective affection that Kylie Minogue does.

Download it now, you’ll regret it if you don’t. And pre-order the album ‘Aphrodite’ while you’re there too, because if any of the megamixes floating around on YouTube are anything to go by, it’s going to be album of the year.

One thought on “Kylie: ‘All The Lovers’ (AMAZING)

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