Flo Rida feat. T-Pain – Zoosk Girl

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June 9, 2010 by popseeker

Alright, so Flo Rida is hardly one of the great superstars but you have to admit he makes some pretty catchy tunes.

His next album, ‘The Only One’ is due for a summer release and the first single off it has been announced as the weirdly titles ‘Zoosk Girl’, which features T-Pain (these two collaborated previously on ‘Low’). Having no idea what a Zoosk Girl is, we did some research and it turns out Zoosk is the world’s largest dating site, how about that. Zoosk themselves say of the song:

“Flo Rida was in the studio with Pain doing a song called “I’m Dancin”, which is featured on T-Pain’s next album”, said Poe Boy Music Group CEO Elrin “E-Class” Prince. “One of T-Pain’s boys, Tay Dizm, was talking about how he met some fine girl on Zoosk. He was talking all kind of mess about how good she looked and that she actually had good credit. T-Pain responded from the booth and was like “I need me a Zoosk Girl”. The jokes then turned into a song and it went from there.” According to Flo Rida’s record label, this is one of many hot tracks off of Flo’s third studio album. Look out world, here comes Flo Rida the Download King!

He’s also done a collaboration with David Guetta (who hasn’t nowadays) called ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ which is quite good. The second single from ‘The Only One’ has already been confirmed as ‘Fresh I Stay’ which features Lil’ Wayne.

Anyways, here’s Zoosk Girl

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