Christina Aguilera – ‘Bionic’: The REVIEW

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May 28, 2010 by popseeker

Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album ‘Bionic’ has been one of the most anticipated album of the past 12 months, and in two weeks time it will be in stores.  The lady herself confirmed months ago she was going for a ‘futuristic’ ‘electronic’ sound, which has led to much publicised accusations she is jumping on the bandwagon of the GaGa effect.

PopSeeker has had an advance listen of ‘Bionic’ in its standard version entirety, and, well, contrary to what I posted before following the leak of three tracks, the album really is mindbogglingly good.  Sure, ‘Not Myself Tonight’ was a bit Gaga-esque, but the rest of the album is really quite different – it’s VERY Christina.

Opening with the title track ‘Bionic’ was written and produced with electronic artist Santigold, and is an absolute BANGER for an opening track, it just screams ‘Christina is BACK’.  After ‘Not Myself Tonight’,  ‘Woohoo’ follows, and the final cut album version is quite a lot better than the earlier leak, an extended ending compromised of squelching beats and electronic noise really makes you want to grind on the nearest person.

‘Elastic Love’ again sounds a lot like something Santigold might produce, hints of similarity to her collaboration with Mark Ronson on the track ‘Pretty Green’.  ‘Desnudate’  is one giant sexual romp and Christina’s cries of “get naked” are quite reminiscent of Britney’s Blackout era track ‘Get Naked’; mixed with the occasional spanish lyrics and Latin music influence this really is one of the album’s highlights.  ‘Glam’ follows the ‘Love and Glamour intro’.  ‘Glam’ is written by Tricky Stewart and Claude Kelly; Christina said of the track:

It’s a hard club song that’s about high fashion. It’s really for the ladies about getting dressed and looking your best, working it in the club and getting glam and sexy before you go out. … It will surprise people. I’m calling it a modern day ‘Vogue.’ I wouldn’t say it unless I believed it.

And to be fair to her, the line “let’s get Glam” is very Vogue-y. Track 8, ‘Prima Donna’, is by far my FAVOURITE track of the entire EP, quite unique – it’s basically 3 minutes 28 seconds of Christina bellowing “I’M A DIVA AND I DON’T CARE”. It’s just completely fabulous.

After this, the album really takes a turn towards what can only be describes as Classic Christina. The electronic vibe is dropped and the ballads and R&B tunes begin. The smooth grooved ‘Sex for Breakfast’ is filthy in a smooth, R&B kind of way, but probably not one of the high points on the album to put it politely. ‘Lift Me Up’, the Linda Perry track first performed by Christina on the live Help for Haiti TV appeal is the first real ballad of the album, but the emotion of it is made somewhat redundant by the excessive repetition of the line “if you life me up”. ‘All I Am’ and ‘I am’ are alright but lacking in anything special to warrant comment. As earlier reported on PopSeeker following it’s leak ‘I Hate Boys’ is, well just a bit crap really. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be skippy and quirky like Britney’s ‘If U Seek Amy’, but it just isn’t.

This boring section aside, the last two tracks really pick up the beat and give the album a great ending. ‘My Girls’ which features Dance Punk artist Peaches is also produced by electroclash producers Le Tigre, who are particularly big in the gay community, and the final result really reflects this sound, although the combination of all three is a rather strange collaboration. Final track ‘Vanity’ is really another highlight of the ‘Bionic’. Any track which has the audacity to open with the lyrics:

“I’m not cocky, I just love myself, bitch”…“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the flyest bitch of them all? Never mind I am (that bitch is so fucking crazy), yeah I am (if I were her I would kiss me).

…is worthy of the respect of any self professed pop fan. Other reviewers have said the track stands out as being out of place, but I really think its a great ending to the album. Considering the rather dirty nature of the song, it is quite uncomfortable that the song ends with the final line, “Let us not forget who owns the throne” which is followed by what I assume to be Aguilera’s son, who replies “You do mommy”. It’s just a bit unnecessary.

With 18 tracks on the standard edition alone, there was bound to be a few filler tracks, but that should not take away from the fact that there are plenty of fantasticly written, produced and sung songs on ‘Bionic’.

‘Bionic’ is out June 7th in the UK and June 8th in the US, with three versions available – the standard edition, the deluxe and the fan edition; go and pre-order your copy on iTunes or Amazon now!

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