More of Christina’s ‘Bionic’ finds its way out


May 16, 2010 by popseeker

Three more tracks from Christina Aguilera’s upcoming album, ‘Bionic’ have found some of their way online. Below are snippets from three of her new tracks ‘Bionic’, ‘I Hate Boys’ and ‘You Lost Me’.

They’re not great I’m afraid, and I want to love them badddddd 😦

The track ‘Bionic’ was reportedly written with electronic singer/songwriter Santogold – if you go and listen to her song ‘Creator’, then you’ll be able to clearly hear the influence. After a few more listens, ‘Bionic’ has really grown on me, but these tracks really aren’t having the effect on me that Britney’s extraordinary electro-pop album ‘Blackout’ did, sorry Xtina.


I Hate Boys

You Lost Me

6 thoughts on “More of Christina’s ‘Bionic’ finds its way out

  1. lol says:

    Sucks for you then, they’re amazing.

  2. drew says:

    Yeah, not digging these all that much either, save for “You Lost Me”. The other two just seem like they’re missing something, although both “Bionic” and “i Hate Boys” sound miles better than the dated garbage that is NMT.

  3. John says:

    Mediocre @ its best….sucks this album will flopped.

  4. :) says:

    @ John:

    I don’t think something can flop in the past tense when it hasn’t happened yet.

  5. christian says:

    loving the verse in bionic.. i have a feeling these aren’t quite done. i hope the production in the album saves these songs.

  6. Theodore Tyberg says:

    The full HQ version of ‘Bionic’ has leaked – listen to it here:

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