Burkey-Babes meets Pitbull – ‘All Night Long’

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April 18, 2010 by popseeker

Who’d have thunk that when Alexandra Burke won X Factor all those months ago she’d emerge a year later a fully fledged pop star.  Not that we ever doubted her talent or vocal ability, she clearly was a brilliant singer, it’s just historically these contests haven’t produced an awful lot of sustainable stars (bar Leona and Girls Aloud).

16 months down the line she’s had a number one album (which, by the way is FAB), two number one singles and is reportedly now preparing to launch herself stateside.  Still bathing in the success of the utterly fantastic ‘Broken Heels’, Burkey-babes has now collaborated with Miami-based rapped Pitbull who has remixed her song ‘All Night Long’.  The original album track was a kind of slower dance track, nothing like as upbeat as ‘Bad Boys’ or ‘Broken Heels’ but more of a balance between heavy beat and tuneful melody which makes it sound both brilliant in a clubs and on your iTunes at home.  Pitbull’s remix takes the intimacy out of the track slightly and replaces it with the kind of filthy sex-romp lyrics present in his ‘Hotel Room Service’ tune, not necessarily a bad thing we might add, but changes the nature of the song nonetheless.

This said, both versions are brilliant.  The video was filmed at the end of March and will be on our screens soon apparently.  If the rumours are true, the remixed version will appear on a US release of ‘Overcome’ along with some new tracks (can’t wait!).

Meanwhile, here’s the song itself, set to be released in the UK May 17th (or you can download the album version right now).

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