Chipmunk ft. Esmée Denters – Until You Were Gone

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April 10, 2010 by popseeker

You may have heard of Esmée Denters – she’s the Dutch singer so often described by the media as the ‘protégé’ of Justin Timberlake.  Basically he discovered her youtube videos in which she sang other people’s songs, then invited her for a meeting and signed her up.  Her debut single ‘Outta Here’ did quite well in the UK; unfortunately her follow up single ‘Admit It’ which is pretty darn good, didn’t do quite so well.

Anyway she’s now collaborated with the UK’s new Prince of collaborations, Chipmunk (the one who does those average songs you love for a week and then forget).  It’s called ‘Until You Were Gone’.  And well, lets just say Chipmunk sticks to form.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK, but that’s about it, OK.  Esmée adds a beautiful vocal layer, but ultimately I think she should stick to what she does best.

(c) Columbia, Sony Music

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