Sugababes – ‘Sweet 7’

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April 6, 2010 by popseeker

Updated edit: Sorry – no longer ‘new’ but this post was imported from my other blog, I think it has a more appropriate home here!

I’m sure unless you’ve been living in Iraq for the past few months, you will be aware that the Sugababes have had some, interesting, internal conflicts. First Amelle went missing, then claims of Keisha’s bullying came out, followed by her swift departure from the group and her replacement by last year’s UK Eurovision entry, Jade Ewen. Long story short, a lot of die-hard Sugababes fans hate the new line-up.

'Sweet 7' is the latest offering from the Sugababes, and a fantastic one at that

Which is a real shame, because Sweet 7, the latest offering from the beleaguered girl-group to be released today (Monday 15th March), is utterly fantastic. And I mean, brilliant. Artists can sometimes surprise us when under such intense pressure. Look at Britney. The press worldwide was widely reporting her epic downfall from grace; some papers reportedly even had an obituary ready; and then she went and released Blackout, critically acclaimed as maybe even her best album ever, The Times placed it as the 5th best album of the noughties.

Anyway, back to the Sugababes, and really, this album is utterly fantastic, utterly flawless.

It has everything – dance tunes, boppy party tunes, ballards, fun and exciting beats, and they’ve worked with some of the best producers in the world at the moment – RedOne (Poker Face, Just Dance, Bad Romance, Remedy, Broken Heels), NeYo (Take A Bow, Russian Roulette, Hate The I Love You, Irreplaceable), Fernando Garibay (worked with Whitney Houston, Britney, Lady GaGa, Enrique). So this really is an exceptional album.

Despite having signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation label in the US, the babes still insist that the album has “definitely got the British feel throughout the album – we’ve not gone away and gone ‘All American’ on our fans.” This is debateable, there is a lot of recent GaGa and Britney in there. But quite frankly, that is partly what makes it fantastic. Why should they carry on making the same sound? Look at Madonna – the queen of re-invention.

Seriously, if you are reading this and haven’t been a Sugababes fan before, or if you are questioning whether the new line up and sound is your thing, go and give it a try. I absolutely love it, and it’s had great reception from the public, even if the press aren’t as nice.

Congrats Sugababes, a brilliant piece of work.

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